Visual Corvus Upgrade Project Launched

Bluestar are pleased to launch a new project to upgrade the look and feel of Visual Corvus. Visual Corvus has for many years provided officers with a simple yet powerful way of mapping relationships between nominals, locations, vehicles and the events they are associated with. The product is now due an upgrade taking advantage of the latest technology. This will enhance the user experience making the interface clearer helping them to understand the relationships that exist between objects. The upgrade will also include more data and links so that no relationship is missed.

Visual Corvus sits on top of the extensive Corvus data warehouse and draws on the power of this data to support your investigation, suggesting links and leads with no effort from the end user. Visual Corvus puts the power of your organisations data at your fingertips and the upgrade project will make this more accessible than ever.

More Information?

You can get more information on Visual Corvus or all of our products, by requesting one of our product guides or a demo. Please contact us.