Bespoke Applications

A major part of Bluestars development work is for bespoke applications. Bluestar is a specalist in designing and building applications that are unique to your businesses requirements. Most of Bluestars bespoke work has been for the UK police market where security and reliability are of paramount importance, a sample of some of the work we have done is:

  • A system to handle Freedom of Information requests, this links into their existing website
  • A system to notify staff when people are brought into custody and certain keywords are recorded on the arrest report
  • A system to track and record the position of police officers on the ground
  • A number of systems to provide the data for the Home Office statuary reporting requirements
  • A tool to manage updates to records that were originally recorded on a legacy system that has since been decommissioned
  • A tool to use facial recognition in custody to automatically identify people arrested

Our Methods

Bluestar prefers to develop any bespoke application with an iterative development model. This means that we will invite the end users and project officers to review the progress on a regular basis, allowing them to directly influence the design of the project as it progresses. We will always advise our customers to start small and expand later, this gives our customers an opportunity to review how the first steps have changed their business practices. As a new software solution is rolled out it may change the business in such a way that requirements that were considered important early on diminish and new requirements arrive. This approach gives our customers a much better product as it fits the needs they have rather than the needs they think they have and in the end leads to a much lower true cost of ownership.