About Us

Bluestar Software was formed at the turn of the millennium with the goal of solving real-world problems through the use of technology. The company ethos puts technical excellence, quality and customer service at the heart of the way the business operates. Achieving success meant finding people capable of delivering technical solutions tailored for the customers needs operating in challenging conditions. Over the years and many product releases later, this ethos hasn’t changed. In a fast-moving, competitive and improvement oriented industry, Bluestar continues to stress the importance of developers and customers working together to deliver solutions.

There are now more than 40,000 users of our products across a range of private and public sector organisations.

Award Winning Innovative Software

By putting technology at the core of the business, Bluestar have set the standard for many products today. These include the Integrated Offender Management programme (IOM). This was developed in conjunction with a major police force tackling the problem of persistent offenders. Where it has been introduced, it has helped reduce crime by 13.3% in its first year. The National Footwear applications have become the standard of footwear analysis in the United Kingdom and beyond. The system has already completed three and a half million transactions and dramatically increased detection rates related to footwear intelligence. Bluestar will continue to enhance its products based on specific feedback, and keep searching for new ways to use technology to help businesses.

Need a Solution?

Bluestar is always happy to help deliver and build bespoke solutions for a customer’s exact requirements. We have a wealth of expertise in delivering robust and scalable solutions. We have provided both small and large sale systems on our own and in conjunction with our carefully selected partners. Bluestar can provide a complete solution, or support existing projects, with our unique knowledge base. So if you need a problem solving, contact us and let us work together.