Systems Audit

Bluestar can offer services to audit and review your existing IT systems. This will help ensure you are getting the best performance from your applications, they are secure and continue to work into the future.

When you have invested money in an IT solution its important that it performs to the users expectations. Bluestar can audit your IT systems to identify where time is being lost, analyse database queries and suggest changes to improve the performance of your systems.

Security should be a major concern for all organisations, businesses are most at risk from their own employees as they have access to company confidential material. It is critical to ensure that your database and applications do not exhibit any security weaknesses. Bluestar can audit these and provide you with a detailed report for areas where you can tighten up security and any impact this may have on your business.

Ensuring applications will continue to work in a predictable manor is a key part of business continuity. Bluestar can offer a review which will try to understand where the limitations of your current applications and how your usage patterns may start to cause you problems in the future. In some cases systems are designed to handle a small number of records very well, when you exceed this their performance can degrade to unacceptable levels. Bluestar will attempt to identify this kind of problem before it happens.

Key Features

  • Ensure the security of your database and applications
  • Ensure that the performance maintains the levels you expect
  • Ensure that your servers and operating systems are fit for purpose
  • Ensure the predictable operation of your applications