Hosted Services

Bluestar is able to offer hosted services for our products, this means that the software service is provisioned remotely and is accessible to your users through a simple internet connection. This type of approach can greatly simplify the process of deploying applications as you only need to pay for your usage and the service can expand and contract as your requirements change. With this approach all of the management is taken care of by Bluestar and Bluestar will ensure that the platform has the capacity to cover your needs.

Bluestar will only provide our hosted application on servers that we manage, the services are provided over a secure SSL channel, meaning you can be confident that your data is being held in a secure and reliable manor. The data held within the applications are backed up on a nightly basis so you can record data with confidence.

Bluestar can also provide a number of transitioning services, should your user base grow to such an extent you can bring the solution in house and run it on your own dedicated hardware platform, in these cases Bluestar can help transfer the data from hosted solution to your new internal solution.

Our hosted applications also come with the option of an API which allows our customers to access the data and functionality of the software from other applications within their organisation.

Bluestar pricing is customised to each customers requirements, we can cater for per user licences, functionality based licences, site-wide licences or any combination, please contact us for more information.

Key Features

  • No requirement to deploy hardware
  • Expand and reduce the service level as requirements change
  • Backups and disaster recovery managed by Bluestar
  • A number of transistioning services offered
  • Easy to migrate to a dedicated platform hosted in-house
  • Programmatic access via an API
  • Flexible pricing built around your needs