Product Configuration

Bluestar offers a full service to configure and install any of our products within your site. We understand that each organisation has different needs and requirements and therefore the functionality our software needs to provide will differ. All of our products come with a host of configurable options to tune the application to support your needs. Our customers may find the multitude of options baffling. We offer a full service to configure and install our products so they meet your needs exactly. Rather than spend your own time wading through thousands of configuration options you can allow the experts from Bluestar to do this for you, safe in the knowledge that they will know every option that needs to be tweaked so the application will be a perfect fit for your needs. Bluestar will ensure that the product is configured in a way that will maintain the needed layers of security and resilience.

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Key Features

  • Get products configured by the experts
  • Save yourself time and worry
  • Get the product configuration right for your needs
  • Ensure a reliable and secure service