Customer Commitment

Bluestar is committed to our customers success. Our goal is to provide IT solutions to our customers IT problems which will help them either improve the service they can offer, or offer the same level of service with reduced costs and overheads. We have a number of principles we adhere to demonstrating our customer commitment, these are:

  • We will always be available to meet our customers face to face
  • We will always be prepared to listen to our customers needs and customise any solution to fit their needs
  • We will always offer training and handover sessions for our products
  • We will always maintain a dedicated and quality support service for when our customers need help
  • We will always be willing to offer our customers advice on best practice or how we have seen similar problems solved
  • We will always try to be upfront and honest with everything we do
  • We will not hide our technical staff behind a wall of project managers and salesmen, a technical member of staff will always be available.

Customer Reference

Bluestar is always willing to provide customer references for the work that we have completed. We do not publish the details of our customers online, however should you feel you need a reference for our work, please contact us and we would be glad to put you in contact with a customer that can provide you with a reference.