The Corvus Platform

Corvus is Bluestar’s award winning and patented framework for delivering systems. The Corvus framework provides a comprehensive and extendable security module with an advanced configuration engine allowing Bluestar applications to be tailored to each customers precise requirements while remaining a secure system.

The Corvus framework provides a number of core features to all of Bluestars applications, so you can feel confident that all Bluestar products are underpinned by time tested and proven technology.

Auditing Framework

Corvus provides an advanced auditing framework where every user action is recorded. In addition to recording what the user did, the auditing framework captures the data at the time the action took place.

Hidden audit groups are supported, so the auditors can follow a users actions through the system without leaving a trace for a normal user to follow, of course these actions are still audited, but only other auditors can see them!

Security Engine

The flexible security engine within Corvus provides a very fine graded set of permissions on each application. These can be managed internally within Corvus, or they can be mapped on to your existing user repository, so all your user access control can be managed in one place. Record and attribute level access controls can be applied allowing sensitive data to be hidden from the general user community, without the need for seperate recording and searching functions.

High Availability

Corvus is built to support a highly available, shared nothing architecture. Redundancy is built into the Corvus configuration at every level. In the event of hardware failure, Corvus automatically switches to secondary nodes in order to avoid interruption to the service. The system can be deployed on 1 or 100 servers allowing capacity to expand as usage changes. An internal data organisation engine means there is no need for all servers to hold all the data as hardware ages it can be placed into different roles allowing the maximum return on your original investment.

Configuration System

Corvus provides an advanced configuration engine which can tailor the way each application operates. This is also linked into the Security Engine, meaning that differing users profiles can have very different views of the same application, each one geared to the users specific job role. The configuration system means that each Bluestar application can be changed to exactly fit your requirements, its possible for the same application to be unrecognisable between customer installations.

Self Monitoring & Alerting

Corvus has a monitoring engine built in, this means that Corvus records and monitors the status of its own background jobs and will report failures automatically. Bluestar provides an array of background jobs which enable the automatic collection of data from other systems, provide management information, generate reports and much more. Rather than having a requirement to check these jobs on a daily basis Corvus can email you directly if there are problems or exceptions. In addition to this Corvus monitors its own hardware raising alerts when disk space is running low or there is a hardware problem.

Data Loading

Corvus comes with a framework for loading data from other systems (known as CRP). This framework makes Corvus the extensible data warehouse that it is, allow vast quantities of data to be loaded from a huge selection of sources. Corvus can happily load data from any SQL compliant database, CSV files, XML files, Word documents, PDF documents, web services, custom binary format and many more. The load processes are so simple many of our customers find they need to justify to their users why data is NOT in Corvus, rather than why it is!

Total Data View

Many of Bluestar’s applications are most useful when they can be built on all the information accessible to the organisation. Corvus allows you to build a total data view of all the enterprise knowledge. For example, providing a daily briefing makes the most sense when you have a wide range of relevant information available.

Our Products

All of Bluestar’s products are built on the Corvus Platform which allows them to benefit from the features mentioned above. Please see our products page for details on specific application modules.