Search Modules

The Corvus platform supports a range of modules and applications that deliver comprehensive search and analysis functionality. The options available mean that personnel can be given the product that best suits their needs.

eXtended Intelligent Search (XIS)

XIS delivers leading edge searching and analysis features in a convenient easy to use manner. Regardless of the level of complexity, or volume of information, XIS allows searches to be developed simply and with the minimum degree of analytical skills. Just as importantly, Bluestar’s patented framework ensures that results are returned quickly.
Screen shot of XIS

Query Runner

Query Runner draws on the abilities of senior analysts and other personnel with relevant skills, to leverage the value of the information held by the organisation. The application effectively enables users to construct their own searches using a SQL worksheet. The search can therefore be as complex as the requirements demand without compromising security and performance. Any queries developed can be stored for reuse and shared with other users of the system if appropriate.

Corvus Indexer

The Corvus Indexer identifies any and all textual values from records held within the repository and allows these to be searched efficiently. Options are provided to specify criteria based upon certain keywords, id values, date ranges and type of data. These options can be used with familiar operators (such as + and !) to simplify the process of constructing search conditions and requirements.

Key Features

  • Supports exact, partial and soundex matches
  • Maintains full audit trail
  • Intergated mapping engine
  • Record level access controls
  • Negative searching supported
  • Searching is case insensitive
  • Data can be loaded from many systems
  • Variety of search types for different users
  • Support for saved searches
  • Support to extract search results