Offender Management (IOM)

Bluestars Intergated Offender Management (IOM) system presents a unique opportunity for organisations to make more efficient use of their resources and take a proactive approach to problem solving. The system is centred around two modules that provide case management and analysis features that can be used in combination for a truly exceptional solution.

How Does it work?

IOM assigns scores to all relevant events and activity linked to nominals based on a customer defined scoring matrix. These scores are combined to form an overall picture of the risk the nominal presents.

  • Tailored to the specific demands of each organisation
  • Built on a scoring system defined to meet the local needs
  • Assigns all nominals to risk levels once a score threshold is reached
  • Automatic selection and tracking of events and nominals
  • Notification and alerting of important changes
  • Simple charting mechanism for trend analysis
  • Promotes multiagency working

IOM: Case

This module provides the administration features needed on a daily basis by offender management teams. The application allows a case management plan to be documented and a record of all activity kept. IOM is designed to integrate with multiple partner agencies to build a complete picture of the nominal. In return, these partners can use IOM with a tailored feature set to meet their needs.
Screen shot of IOM Case

IOM: Profiling

IOM Profiling is a utility that can analyse the underlying data using criteria that differs from the automatic scoring process. Whilst IOM Case works from all elements from the scoring model, IOM Profiling allows users to perform searches based on criteria that reflects a specific problem or concern.

IOM Profiling provides a valuable intelligence capability for identifying emerging threats and trends. As such, an intervention plan can be developed for particular problems and individuals before they become a real concern.

Key Features

  • Customisable scoring and weighting
  • Automatic selection and tracking
  • Notification and alerting
  • Supports multi-agency working
  • Recording of all contact
  • Flexible security model
  • Evaluation of interventions
  • Allow focusing of resources
  • Evaluates the real impact of activities