Nominal Index (SEV)

Single Enterprise View (SEV) delivers an efficient single search capability that replaces time consuming searches across multiple databases and systems. It provides a clear and concise method of accessing important information quickly and reliably, allowing users to search once, and only once, for the data they need.

SEV provides a complete view of all the data an organisation holds for a given entity. These details can be found easily using a range of specialist features that enable users to rapidly profile and analyse the information presented.

SEV is far more than a simple nominal index and provides support for a range of entities, such as people, locations, telephones or vehicles, from within the same product. SEV may either collect data through the Corvus engine, or be fed information from existing systems. This flexibility of choice allows the customer to decide the optimum route to suit their needs, and helps new sources of data to be added quickly and effectively.

In addition, SEV forms the basis for profiling and analysis with individual records and events being passed to the Corvus scoring matrix for refined risk assessments.

All organisations rely on the quality of the information that they hold, Bluestar understands this and builds systems accordingly. As a result, SEV is not simply a way of finding information, it contains an inbuilt capacity for reporting and analysing data quality issues. The system seeks to highlight and correct errors and offers the automatic management of potentially duplicate entries.

SEV’s data quality tools have numerous benefits to the organisation, including the ability to track errors created during the input process. It also enables personnel to find those problems within the source, and address them conveniently. More importantly, SEV contains an ability to draw on all systems and can highlight errors across the total data set.

Key Features

  • Easy to use and delivers optmum performance
  • Identification and management of potentially duplicate entries
  • Notification of warning markers
  • Provides a tracking facility for alerts and updates
  • Available on mobile devices
  • Delivers an assessment of risk and impact
  • Supports photographs, descriptives, alaises and much more