Identity Parade

The Identity Parade (IDP) module implements a number of the key utilities available within the Corvus to deliver an application that allows the booking of parades to be fully managed from initial request through to completion.

These features include a comprehensive diary, approval work-flow, document production, management information analysis and linking to the Single Enterprise View (SEV) record for the subject of the parade and any related persons.

In addition, a history of all parades for an individual are retained against their personal record. This allows responses to previous parades to be taken into account.

Key Features

  • Automation of requests for an ID parade
  • Management of the booking and arrangement process
  • Loading of appropriate source data
  • Provision of summary ‘reports’ and displays for analysis purposes (may be used for court appearances)
  • Linking for all IDPs relating to a single crime
  • Maintain a diary of future events
  • Record ‘history’ of ID parade participation for individuals
  • Management information relating to performance