Digital Asset Management & Delivery

The system functions by carrying out automated analysis and indexing policy. This can be combined with the automatic loading of data directly into the Corvus repository. The ability to index data across a variety of links, key words and descriptions ensures that the system delivers an extremely powerful search capability whilst retaining the simplicity that is so important for use by a wide range of personnel.

The Corvus digital asset and evidential management system provides the ability to mix a local storage capability with remote access and indexing of any type of file, media and digital content. This means that any existing investment can be incorporated within a complete asset management solution without needing to replace or rebuild. This approach also minimises the impact of change and promotes a ‘network friendly’ methodology.

Files are stored or indexed as the native types to preserve their evidential value but can be combined with a number of converters which allow the content to be shared more widely. Of course sharing the content also means sharing the intelligence value the asset offers.

One of the most difficult challenges that an organisation faces is the ability to share information securely with partners. The Digital Asset Delivery component addresses this concern by implementing a secure portal available to any designated and authorised recipients.

A key principle is that the originating organisation takes ownership of the delivery process. This means that the owner controls the list of approved recipients and manages the security configuration that applies to use of the system. Of course, the owning organisation also takes responsibility for defining those personnel able to distribute material.

Once digital material is published, it becomes available for download by the recipient(s). The originator sets a limit on the period of time during which the assets must be downloaded, with any recipients receiving email notifications containing embedded links to direct them to the bundle.

Digital Asset Delivery

Benefits and Features

  • Automated data extraction
  • Automatic indexing and linking
  • Industry standard data exchange
  • Extensive search capability
  • Support for case working
  • Integrated content player
  • Flexible security and privilege model
  • Secure transfer of digital assets
  • Full security accreditation
  • Time expired access model
  • Full audit trail
  • Reduced administration
  • Cost savings