Data Warehousing

The Corvus architecture extends the data warehousing concept to provide a system that not only responds to strategic analysis but which can also deliver tactical and low level value. As such, Bluestar uses the term “operational data store” to describe the patented infrastructure. This term reflects the interaction between Corvus and the day to day needs of the business to leverage the value of the information that that the organisation holds.

Our data collection engine allows multiple data sets from different sources to be merged into one super set providing a single search function across all of the data.

Extending Your Data

A number of Bluestar’s applications take advantage of all this data being in one place to add additional value and analysis on the total data set, the idea is that the value of our total data view is greater than the sum of its parts. This puts our applications in a position to perform intelligence functions that are simply not possible in the source systems. For example knowing a person is involved with small amounts of violent crime is suddenly much more serious when you discover they have access to firearms too. On top of this providing one application to your front line users which searches everything is a much more effective than providing access to many applications.

Key Features

  • Data can be loaded from a number of sources, database, text, files, PDF documents, web services, etc
  • Data from many sources pulled into one place
  • A single search provided across all the data sources
  • Added value analysis provided on top of the total data view
  • Legacy data management tools provided to allow you to fully decommission old systems