Call Assist

Call Assist exploits the power of big data to deliver a truly exceptional offering, enabling call handlers (and other responders) to make rapid and informed decisions which can make a real difference to outcomes for a particular incident.

Call Assist automatically identifies the likely caller based upon the telephone number and displays a full profile of the individual. This includes an assessment of the person’s vulnerability or criminality, their previous calls, their known associates, and much more. At a glance the call handler can make a judgement based upon the full knowledge base of the organisation as a whole.

Many organisations struggle with the challenge of producing a complete profile for an individual and the risks and challenges presented. Even when this can be achieved, it is often only practical with significant time and effort. Call Assist dispenses with these difficulties by automatically profiling event and incident data to establish a knowledge base of people and their interactions with the Force. This enables a caller to be rapidly identified from limited information along with a comprehensive view of their needs and any concerns they might present. This picture is also shown alongside a current view of the locality and any issues faced by the community.

The product operates by displaying a number of data sections typically including:

  • Personal summary including warnings and vulnerability ranking
  • Call and incident history
  • Known associates and relationships
  • Event record
  • Linked addresses and vehicles
  • Map and local area view

Benefits and Features

  • Fully automated CRM
  • Immediate identification of vulnerability and risk
  • Comprehensive information view
  • Significantly reduces time to respond
  • Increased public confidence
  • Advanced research capability
  • Provides data quality solution
  • Automated profiling of source data
  • Integration with telephony modules
  • Parallel processing for maximum performance
  • Ability to confirm caller and subject details
  • Onward processing and update capability
  • Comprehensive local view