Auto Reports & Notifications

Sometimes a computer system is most useful when you don’t use it. Bluestar provides a framework for automatic reporting and notifications so that daily reports can be sent to users automatically. The range and scope of these reports can vary dramatically, from simple daily management information, to detailed data quality exception reports. It is equally simple for the frequency to be controlled per report, with some reports only being needed once a month to others being required daily.


Bluestar provides a change tracking engine to allow users to register an interest in a particular entity (for example a person, location, vehicle etc). When a record attached to this entity changes (or is added) the user will be notified (normally via email). The notifications are configurable for each user so that they may be delivered immediately for when change is critical or batched together for a weekly summary, either way each user keeps control of the tracking notifications they receive. At all times the security layer within the application ensures that users that don’t have permission to see certain records don’t get notified that they have been created or changed.

Supporting the change tracking of entities, Bluestar has a record scoring engine which allows users to be notified of new records when they reach a certain score. For example you may have a specialist unit to investigate the theft of money, knowing a record is theft is not enough in this case. Our change tracking engine allows users to score the words in the record (for example “theft”, “money”, “cash”, etc), and they will only be notified of the record when the record matches enough of the words. This way a record that’s simply “theft” will not score high enough, similarly one regarding “money transfer” wont, but “theft of cash” will. This means you only get notified about the records your really interested in.


Bluestar’s automatic reporting engine is used by our customers for a whole host of different requirements. Some choose to use it to generate the statutory reports they are required to produce, this means the effort in producing legally required information is no greater than the effort required to receive and email. Other customers choose a range of data quality and management information reports to be sent out on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, meaning they receive the answers to questions they need, but no longer have to spend the time asking those questions.

Our range of reporting and notification services is extensive and most of our customers choose to have custom extensions on each report, please contact us for more information.

Key Features

  • Reporting and tracking occurs in the background
  • Each user can receive different reports and alerts
  • Each user can customise the delivery schedule of the reports
  • Security is maintained at all times, so users wont see changes to records they cant access
  • Flexible tracking engine allows records to be scored
  • Automatic reports can include spreadsheets, PDF documents etc in the output
  • Reports can cover a range of custom and statutory requirements