International Customers


Working as part of the Jonas Group within Constellation Software Inc. (CSI), Bluestar is able to leverage the support and services that a global business delivers. With offices across the globe including North America, Europe, Australia, South America and Africa, Bluestar can support your needs wherever you are in the world. 


Bluestar’s range of forensic products is available across the globe, delivered using hosted (SaaS), on premise or hybrid models of deployment tailored to suit the customer’s specific needs.

The National Footwear Reference Collection (NFRC)

The NFRC provides a repository of reference patterns for footwear, taken from items recovered from detainees, seized as exhibits or added as a result of engagement with manufacturers, Patterns themselves are coded using standardised descriptors that denote the various elements found on the footwear itself. Using common coding allows practitioners to work collaboratively and to realise the potential of the intelligence value this provides. The collection is now one of the largest collections in the world and is updated on a daily basis.

Key Features:
  • Near real-time collection updates and distribution
  • Flexible search engine
  • Frequency and commonality analysis

The National Footwear Database (NFD)

The NFD builds on the NFRC to record custody and crime scene marks where they are linked to footwear. These are then used by force intelligence units to try and draw links between crime scenes and people brought into custody. The NFD supports a number of advanced search options to allow all marks to be made useful even if they can’t be coded to a specific footwear pattern. A range of mapping, extract and document options are provided to make extracting intelligence and providing it to front line officers easier than ever.

Tools are also provided to allow forces to connect their source systems to the NFD so that data is seamlessly transferred from their existing internal systems. There can be as little as a one minute delay from data being entered on the source, until its searchable on the NFD. 

Key Features:
  • Lightweight application, delivered via a standard industry browser
  • Automated data capture
  • Intelligent searching and crime scene analysis
  • Automated pattern matching against the NFRC
  • Mapping
  • Collaborative working

The National Injuries Database (NID)

The National Injuries Database (NID) is a specialised unit that performs analysis on the injuries sustained by victims of crime. Their advanced techniques allow crime scenes to be linked together and offenders tracked across all the forces that operate in the UK. Bluestar is pleased to be able to provide the NID with the software solutions they need to record their case work and perform detailed searches of their intelligence repository. The NID has a requirement to store a large number of high definition images, Bluestar provides this function along with searching the data that is formally recorded along with the content of each and every document attached to every case.