Corvus Mobile Release

Bluestar is pleased to announce the latest release of the Corvus mobile platform. The revisions include a range of new features and improved compatibility for older versions of operating systems. Of course, support for the latest Android, iOS and Windows devices is still provided as standard.

Improvements include the simplification of intelligence submissions, extended ‘One Search’ coverage and enhanced audible notifications. In addition, the mapping interface incorporates a range of new data items and increased visibility of source data and trends. Linked to geo-zone alerting, predictive models, briefing and tasking, the system provides a comprehensive solution for strategic and tactical direction of operational resource.

The Corvus mobile platform offers substantial time savings including the completion of forms and access to critical information. More importantly, Corvus applications are designed to maximise the value of the device and ensure that this is being exploited to the full compared to a simple conversion of an existing desktop application. You can trust Corvus to support officers in dealing effectively with challenging situations.

As you would expect from Bluestar the system is secured out of the box with only the need to deploy the application to mobile devices.

Enabled Modules

A whole host of modules are now mobile enabled including: