Click & Collect a crook! New tech keeping cops on the streets

We were delighted when West Midlands Police announced, as part of a new technology roll-out that they estimate to be saving the force 550,000 officer hours a year.

One of the new practices bringing benefits is a process they’re calling “Click & Collect a Crook” which is one of the things that has been made possible by the introduction of hand held devices running Bluestar’s Corvus.

Bluestar’s Corvus product as well as a comprehensive information and intelligence provision now delivers  the same and in some cases improved access to a range of systems only previously available on computer terminals in police stations, to around 4,000 frontline officers who are now equipped with the hand held devices.

West Midlands Police’s latest statistics show they are carrying out more than 10,000 checks a day using a new app that links to the ‘Corvus’ tasking and briefing system.
It means officers can access the latest intelligence on individuals, vehicles and addresses, plus get information on crime patterns in particular areas, while on the move and not be tied to a desk.

A police spokesman said “I would estimate the rollout of this new technology is saving each officer at least an hour a day − and that equates to about 550,000 police officer hours a year.
“That’s time they can now spend on patrols, making enquiries and searching for crime suspects.”

Read the full article on the West Midlands Police site.